Friday, November 7, 2008

Hunting Season 2008 in Montana

Krys and I spent the first two weeks, of the season, hunting for his buck...but all we saw were does. On Sunday 11/2/08 I filled my general deer tag by shooting a Whitetail doe near the town of Marion. We have until the weekend after Thanksgiving for Krys to hunt and hopefully get his whitetail buck....but if it comes down to it he should be able to get a doe since there are so many of them in this area.
We were able to spend a week near Dell, Montana hunting elk and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. During the week we did a lot of hiking and were able to see mule deer, whitetail deer & antelope. On Thursday 11/13/08 I was able to fill my elk tag by taking a cow- unfortunately I had Krys stay back at camp, to rest, so he was not with me- there were 3 hunters from our group that were blessed with a cow elk by the end of the week.

11/29/08- Krys was able to fill his general deer tag by taking this Whitetail doe out near Marion. This was the first deer that he field dressed, skinned and in a few days, with the guidance of Scott Bailey, will be processing the meat. Our family was truly blessed to be able to put 2 deer and 1 elk in the freezer, and it would not have been possible without the friendship and patience that our friends, the Baileys, gave us throughout this hunting season.